Lapsed BSVTA Certified Technician

You have two paths forward:

  1. You may request to have proof of your education and/or hours and the VTNE scores transferred from the BSVTA to the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine for a nominal fee (recommended option) if requested before 6/30/2023, OR
  2. Begin the application process for your license directly through the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine. Click Here to be directed to their website.
    1. Please note you will be responsible for providing them with the required documents and there may be fees to have your VTNE score transferred from AAVSB. 

If you decide to proceed with option 1 from above please follow the steps below:

What you need to do with the BSVTA:

  1. Have completed the required BSVTA CE that was to be completed by 12/31/2022:
    1. 16 hours of CE; 8 of which must be in person lab/lecture
      1. Standardized language regarding On-Line CE:  A presentation that has a live platform and allows for interaction between attendees and the presenter is considered an in-person course.  An “online course” is a course designed to be taken at the licensee’s convenience and that does not allow for back-and-forth interaction between the licensee, instructor/presenter, or other attendees.
    2. 8 hrs of CE required if you were a new graduate and newly certified in 2021
    3. No CE is required if you were a new graduate and newly certified in 2022 (but you must complete the application)
    4. If you Transferred from another state in 2021 or 2022 the full 16 hours is required
  2. Complete the Certification Verification application exp 2023.pdf form
  3. Submit the above form along with proof of the appropriate number of hours of CE to Marcia Cantrell at [email protected] (or by mail) 
    1. Proof of CE must be demonstrated by submitting certificate(s) of attendance
  4. Pay the fee to the BSVTA by completing the Certification Verification Fee Form
    1. $25 fee if completed on or before 1/31/2023
    2. $100 fee if completed between 2/1/2023 and 6/30/2023
      1. There is a fee associated with this process because the BSVTA will complete tasks required for licensure on your behalf. BSVTA will provide a letter of verification that will contain when you were first certified and if there were any disciplinary actions noted on your certificate. The BSVTA will also send the applicant's required qualification documents (proof of education and VTNE score(s)) via a secure file transfer system. 

What you need to do to with the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine to become Licensed:

  1. Once you have received the email from BSVTA stating that your certification has been extended to 6/30/2023 you can apply for licensure through the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine.
    1. A jurisprudence exam is required as a part of the licensed veterinary technician application process. The exam is open book and a resource guide is available on the board’s website to assist applicants with the exam.
    2. Please note that you should complete this process before 6/30/2023 to remain in good standing as a credentialed technician in Montana